"I really love your art work Lisa. I think each piece is very unique and crisp" Dimitri Sarto - New York Art Magazine.........."I came accross your work and found it quite striking" D Tucker - Broadway Gallery, New York.......... This is a beautiful, one-off, original piece; deeply textured and reflective, incorporating numerous paint techniques to create this unique, eye-catching painting. I created it using a lime green background and added bold, vibrant colours to compliment. I also used light reflecting pigments and reflective metallic paints! A truly stunning piece, which will reflect differently in different lights. It is painted on a canvas frame and comes ready to hang. All my paintings are individual pieces and are as unique as you and I!!! They are all one-off originals, never to be repeated and hand-painted with only the very best top quality artists products. Your artwork will never fade, lose its vibrance or mis-shape as so many other pieces do.